Patron of the Children's Media Foundation

Nelson Nutmeg is now a patron and supporter of the Children's Media Foundation. Why? Because they believe in the same things we all do - that children should have stories that reflect their lives featuring people who are like them.

Looking for locations

This week the Nelson Nutmeg team are seeking locations. The south coast of England has many photogenic spots and has featured in numerous films and TV shows over the past few decades, including another children's classic - Nanny McPhee. Our goal is make a great looking film and a big part of that is shooting it somewhere amazing. Photo by our talented friend - Sean Gardiner


This is the current logo we are using - designed by James Karsberg. But you'll see several others appear here over time. Let us know your thoughts

The website is live

Welcome to "Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg" and thanks for checking it out. And an extra thank you for navigating your way deep down to this blog. This is where we will share the progress of the film, including some of our thoughts and ideas about possible elements to go in the film

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