We've started the casting process for the children by visiting local stage schools. It is always exciting to see the different ways that actors interpret the characters that have, until now, only existed on the page. Full auditions will start soon, including a big open call at the Lighthouse - where anyone can turn up and try their luck. More details to come soon! In the meantime, sign up on here to kept up to date with these big announcements so you don't miss them.

Project Update, 6th March 2014

Spring has nearly spranged on us, and it's all GO at Nelson Nutmeg! We're tinkering with the script, currently at 2nd draft stage, and Tim's completely geeking out with the Black Magic camera that's just arrived (for non-tech folk, it's a fancy high-high-resolution camera we'll be filming on, one of the first in the UK!). We're also scouting the gorgeous Jurassic Dorset coastline for our ideal locations, and our casting workshops are about to get underway. Cor, we're excited! Stick around, there's going to be lots more. We're all set up on Twitter and Facebook, too, so check us out and say hello! Love, The Nutmeg Team.

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