Amazing location for the film - as seen in Broadchurch

We have great news - we have booked our main location. This will be "Nelson's Retreat", the holiday park where the children have their adventure and where Nelson Nutmeg lives. It was where last year's hit TV drama Broadchurch was filmed. It has everything for a great summer holiday film - big cliffs, its own beach, crashing waves - and a few caravans nestled within. All we need are the children and, of course, Nelson himself.


Yes, now is your chance to be in "Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?" An open audition is being held on 14th June in the Studio Theatre at the Lighthouse, Poole. Come along between 10am and 4pm. We are primarily looking for children who are aged 10-13, and an older boy around 15-16yrs (and plenty of kids as extras!). There are no lines to learn – it is about finding the right mix of incredible young actors. We will do some readings, some improv and maybe some camera-based sessions. It won't be in an X-Factor style, on your own, on the big stage. Instead it will be a workshop approach, a fun and constructive experience, where you can support each other. Remember, this is the story about a group of fri

Working on the script

Myself and Danny are hard at work redrafting the script, reworking it many times in fact - obviously working around our fixed snack routine of course! Our aim is to create a really fast-paced, exciting and funny movie with lots of hidden gags that you may miss upon first viewing. Creating a compelling and intriguing mystery for the kids to solve (just who did kill Nelson Nutmeg?) is tricky, especially by the time you've thrown in a few red herrings, dead end clues and thwarted escapades. We're pleased with where we are with it and think you will be too. HOWEVER - to be a great film it can't all be plot based, that isn't enough. So we're working really hard (as in I keep heckling as Danny ty

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