Test footage on location - in Ultra High Definition 4K

Some test footage here from our camera, using a variety of lenses and colour grading techniques. Of interest to the technical fans more so than your general film fans perhaps, but here it is anyway. The camera is a Blackmagic Production Camera which shoots at 4K. If you want to be technically accurate it is actually UltraHighDefinition, but there is not much difference. Basically it is 4 times the size of your normal high definition picture. YouTube now allows you to play back 4K if you select it in the settings. A few details - This was a windy day and next time I would use a heavier tripod We favoured the wide angle lens the most in terms of style as it gives a more 'Western' film look Sho

Thanks for coming!

Thanks to everyone who came down to audition for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? I think our venue, The Lighthouse in Poole was a little overwhelmed, but in a good way. 280 kids in all!!! That's over 560 people. So sorry for the queues that built up. Hope it wasn't too bad. A big thanks to everyone at The Lighthouse, especially Suzie Carver, who looked after us and let us use their fantastic venue; The Studio Theatre. We met some great people but we had to be ruthless to narrow down 280 children, down to only a handful. So a big thanks for coming down on a Saturday, especially if we gave you a 'no thanks' after all that - you were all wonderful and endured Steve shouting at you from the top of his

Searching for Swindon

One of the best roles in Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg is Swindon, Billie's older brother. He brings the comic relief as well as having his own mini-adventure. A UFO nut, he sees conspiracies where there are none. So while he believes the whole ‘Nelson is missing’ story is childish, he is also intrigued. Just so long as he doesn’t have to get involved too much, this could be a fun way to entertain himself during the holidays. Swindon is a child who has never been forced to grow up. Here is who we are looking for... a 16 to 19 year old male, with an unusual vibe to him. Come along to the open audition between 10am and 4pm on the 14th June at the Studio Theatre, Lighthouse, Poole to try out for thi

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