Last crew role remaining - digital loader / on-site editor - with mentoring!

There's just one last crew role to fill for our shoot. It's perhaps one of the coolest roles, which has recently been 'beefed up'. It would suit someone who is an editor, but also likes to be on set. Here are the responsibilities... Collect in shoot footage from SSD drives and back up safely Organise and label footage diligently Collect in and organise 'behind the scenes' and EPK footage Edit up 'behind the scenes' short sequences Possible other tasks if the selected person is interested / has the necessary skills Edit up trailers and other short edits on set Composite together some SFX shots (maybe in After Effects) to test our footage works together okay Start to offline edit the feature C

Squirrel Sound

We are shooting for a sound man for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? The days are non consecutive as we are working around the kid's availability out of school, so that means shooting half terms and weekends etc. 28 days in total from late August to early November. The crew is mostly on deferred payment, but we are making an exception for sound people with their kit obviously. Not full rate for a big feature, but an okay rate. Ideal for sound people who want to expand into drama and away from PSC, documentary or corporates (which is why we're doing it too!) Also suits those who want to do other shoots in the weekdays!

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