Nelson's demise

Here's a new image, shot during the week. It seemed like a powerful visual and one that could be used as a standalone picture, almost a poster. But is it too dark and sinister for a children's movie? Maybe. There will be some more variations coming along soon. P.S. fun fact - shortly after this was taken we got the head stuck up a cliff. You can see how it happened here -

Behind the scenes on a kids' film - as made by the kids!

Loretta, who plays Billie in the film, has made her own behind the scenes film! From first thing in the morning to the final shot of the day she shows us what it is like to be a child actor on location. We meet the cast and crew and see what people really get up to all day! This video was all shot by her and was edited by the time she got on the bus at the end of the day - so we may have to get her in the post-production team also. Remember, its not too late to get some of our "Kickstarter rewards" to help the film's budget and to get something cool back in return. The kickstarter itself has finished, but we are keeping all the offers open anyway, using paypal. Visit here. So far, the favour

Interview with Hattie Gotobed AKA The Colonel!

With filming almost half way through we decided to ask our budding young stars a few questions about their characters and their hopes for the future... This week we start with Hattie Gotobed AKA The Colonel!.... So Hattie, what do you most like about your character? Hattie - I like how she's adventurous and gets all the action moves and scenes! Is there anything you dislike about your character? I'm not keen on wearing my hair in a bun. It makes me feel too much of a dancer! Having to wear the hat and backpack all the time can be irritating. How is your character similar to yourself? I think we're similar because my Dad is in the military so I have lived my life as part of the T.A, so we are

Food Glorious Food!

Remember the old saying? - 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach' After a truly successful first week of filming, we'd be inclined to agree... In the world of film everybody knows that a well fed cast and crew are a happy one! Food symbolises so many things; Comfort, togetherness, heritage, emotional satisfaction...break times! The list goes on... Which is why we hired Bridport based, Sarah Moore (...aka 'Moore Than Enough Catering') to feed the gang during filming with her finest home-made dishes, using only the freshest local produce. And boy it's good! We've had the pleasure of chilli and rice, shephards pie, bean salads, home grown freshly cut veg, a wedding buffet spread (al

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