2:hrs - a new film!

We at Nelson Nutmeg Pictures are getting behind another low budget children's film and supporting them. Not with a "well done old bean" kind of support. But with a cold hard cash way, the best way! We've put in some money and we are spreading the word about "2:hrs". Why? Five reasons... 1 - the more children's films being made the better it is for us, as it makes us part of a trend 2 - we believe it could be a profitable venture and want to be a part of it 3 - if there's a low budget children's feature going on, we want to be part of it - to complement, not compete 4 - the people involved are great. Roland wrote Land Girls as well as for many children's TV series 5 - we think its a fun and i

Nutty Summer Update!

It may have seem quiet on the Nelson Nutmeg front but we can assure you it's been anything but, so we thought we'd give you a quick summer update (gosh, this time last year we were gearing up for our big open day of casting - where we found JJ Brown who plays Shiv, and Jonah Alexander who plays Swindon for the main cast!). We're making steady progress through post-production of the film. Post-production always takes time (between original music being composed, the overall edit, sound effects, any visual effects, colouring, and then combining all the elements together). But we've nearly completed a full rough cut of the film, and been busy talking to the industry about how we can get the film

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