Tiffany Alvord's "SO ALIVE" as theme song

Exciting news as "Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?" will feature the music of singing star Tiffany Alvord when it launches at the London Film Festival. Tiffany is an internet sensation with her videos having been seen over 400 million times! She performed live in front of 2 million people at Times Square during New Year's Eve as well as having toured the world. We are really excited she has joined the Nelson Nutmeg gang. You can see the music video for "So Alive" below, or visit Tiffany's site at And you can still book tickets to that London Premiere here, although as of writing this it is 2/3 sold out.


​ Yes! Very exciting news Nutmeggers. We have a date for the World Premiere of "Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?" And even better, it will be at the prestigious London Film Festival, the UK's top festival for all things cinema, run by the British Film Institute. Plus, they know many young fans want to attend and so have scheduled the film for a Saturday. So no bunking off school! We'll be keeping you all up to date on here, on Twitter and on Facebook as news comes in. For now, here's the details you need. Date: Saturday, 10 October 2015 Time: 12:15 Place: Cineworld Haymarket (just off Leicester Square) Find out more via the BFI Festival page, tickets don't go on sale until 17th September however

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