Working on the script

Myself and Danny are hard at work redrafting the script, reworking it many times in fact - obviously working around our fixed snack routine of course! Our aim is to create a really fast-paced, exciting and funny movie with lots of hidden gags that you may miss upon first viewing.

Creating a compelling and intriguing mystery for the kids to solve (just who did kill Nelson Nutmeg?) is tricky, especially by the time you've thrown in a few red herrings, dead end clues and thwarted escapades. We're pleased with where we are with it and think you will be too.

HOWEVER - to be a great film it can't all be plot based, that isn't enough. So we're working really hard (as in I keep heckling as Danny types furiously) to make sure there is plenty of time for slapstick, chases, crazy characters - and maybe the odd fart gag.

Don't laugh too hard though, or you may miss that vital clue.


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