Yes, now is your chance to be in "Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?"

An open audition is being held on 14th June in the Studio Theatre at the Lighthouse, Poole. Come along between 10am and 4pm. We are primarily looking for children who are aged 10-13, and an older boy around 15-16yrs (and plenty of kids as extras!).

There are no lines to learn – it is about finding the right mix of incredible young actors. We will do some readings, some improv and maybe some camera-based sessions. It won't be in an X-Factor style, on your own, on the big stage. Instead it will be a workshop approach, a fun and constructive experience, where you can support each other. Remember, this is the story about a group of friends.

The film has four main characters and also older brother, Swindon. If you don't know who they are yet; you can read more on this page. Think about which one suits your acting skills. If you are interested in being Swindon, there is more information here.

We're really looking forward to it. And we hope to see you there!


Auditions should take about an hour, varying during busy times. We are DBS (CRB) checked but recommend someone accompanying children at all times, as we will be focused on the auditions. Someone will meet you at the door and let you know where to wait. The cafe etc will be open.

The film itself will be shooting later summer and autumn - not in school hours and all locally. We are hoping you can be involved too, if not official chaparones will be provided. For one of the lead characters, it would be quite a committment of time, approximately 20 days, which is useful to consider when thinking about auditioning.

Before the shoot there will lots of rehearsals and meetings. This open casting call is just the first stage. We won't be asking anyone to commit to anything on the day.

For more information, here is our press release around the audition. Or email us.

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