Thanks for coming!

Thanks to everyone who came down to audition for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? I think our venue, The Lighthouse in Poole was a little overwhelmed, but in a good way. 280 kids in all!!! That's over 560 people. So sorry for the queues that built up. Hope it wasn't too bad.

A big thanks to everyone at The Lighthouse, especially Suzie Carver, who looked after us and let us use their fantastic venue; The Studio Theatre.

We met some great people but we had to be ruthless to narrow down 280 children, down to only a handful. So a big thanks for coming down on a Saturday, especially if we gave you a 'no thanks' after all that - you were all wonderful and endured Steve shouting at you from the top of his chair.

Tim & Danny & Nicola & Jo & Patricia

P.S. - don't forget, our Kickstarter for the film is now live -

P.P.S - here's a bonus photo of when Nelson Nutmeg himself turned up!!! -


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