Test footage on location - in Ultra High Definition 4K

Some test footage here from our camera, using a variety of lenses and colour grading techniques. Of interest to the technical fans more so than your general film fans perhaps, but here it is anyway.

The camera is a Blackmagic Production Camera which shoots at 4K. If you want to be technically accurate it is actually UltraHighDefinition, but there is not much difference. Basically it is 4 times the size of your normal high definition picture.

YouTube now allows you to play back 4K if you select it in the settings.

A few details -

  • This was a windy day and next time I would use a heavier tripod

  • We favoured the wide angle lens the most in terms of style as it gives a more 'Western' film look

  • Shot using the ProRes HQ codec

  • Grading done with MagicBullet Looks

  • I didn't bother to add the flags to the matte box and the light bounces between the lens and ND filter in some shots, lesson learned there

  • We thought we could use the built-in screen as a monitor - wrong! A sunny day makes it impossible to use

Lenses used were -

  • Samyang 35 and 85mm cine primes

  • Tokina 11-18mm wide angle

  • Canon stills zoom lens 75-300mm

  • Had a standard Canon 50mm lens, which I didn't like so much

Lastly, hope you can support this 4K production here - http://kck.st/1pmJ3hL

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