Food Glorious Food!

Remember the old saying? - 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach'

After a truly successful first week of filming, we'd be inclined to agree...

In the world of film everybody knows that a well fed cast and crew are a happy one! Food symbolises so many things; Comfort, togetherness, heritage, emotional satisfaction...break times! The list goes on...

Which is why we hired Bridport based, Sarah Moore (...aka 'Moore Than Enough Catering') to feed the gang during filming with her finest home-made dishes, using only the freshest local produce. And boy it's good!

We've had the pleasure of chilli and rice, shephards pie, bean salads, home grown freshly cut veg, a wedding buffet spread (although there were definitely no weddings on set..), meatballs with spaghetti, vegetable pizza and pasta! To name but a few...

When 1 o'clock arrives you wouldn't believe the buzz as cast and crew edge their way towards the production office where lunch is served! Huge thanks to Sarah and her fellow helpers for making this a beautiful experience! You are high on our list of recommendations!

Roll on next weekend and more of the same!


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