Interview with Hattie Gotobed AKA The Colonel!

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With filming almost half way through we decided to ask our budding young stars a few questions about their characters and their hopes for the future...

This week we start with Hattie Gotobed AKA The Colonel!....

So Hattie, what do you most like about your character?

Hattie - I like how she's adventurous and gets all the action moves and scenes!

Is there anything you dislike about your character?

I'm not keen on wearing my hair in a bun. It makes me feel too much of a dancer! Having to wear the hat and backpack all the time can be irritating.

How is your character similar to yourself?

I think we're similar because my Dad is in the military so I have lived my life as part of the T.A, so we are both very 'Colonel' like!

What's been your favourite moment of the shoot so far?

I've really enjoyed the secret den scenes, chase scenes and meeting Nicola who keeps us all together and safe but makes it fun.

Who's your favourite member of the crew and why?

Elliot, Graham or the girls from Wardrobe (Midge and Harriet) because they keep us entertained.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An actress, singer or model.

If you could be like any actress, who would it be?

Emma Watson because she does mainly film (i.e Harry Potter) and she started young like I have.


Next week we chat to James Grogan AKA Woody!

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