Interview with James Grogan AKA 'Woody'!

Last week we interviewed Hattie Gotobed about her role of 'The Colonel' and her hopes for the future.

Today it's the youngest of our cast members...good sport, James Grogan! Who NEVER fails to make us laugh! (Even when he's not funny!)


James, what do you like about your character?

He's nerdy!

What do you dislike about you character?

He doesn't say the word 'LOL'!! (For anyone who doesn't know...ahem, Danny...LOL means Laugh out loud!!)

How do you think you're similar to your character?

We're both weird.

What's been your favourite moment/scene of the shoot so far?

When I was hanging off the edge of a cliff (...a 'mini' one, we might add) ...that was pretty awesome! Lol!

If you could be like any actor, who would it be?

Simon Bird (from The Inbetweeners)

Who's your favourite member of the crew and why?

I like BIG KIDS - Tim's a big kid but even more of a big kid is Dan Mellows (our Editor) - he rocks!

What do you want to be when you're older?

I want to be a footballer until I retire at around 40, then I want to be a scientist! (Get me! Lol!)

Thanks James!! You're a star!...

Next week we chat to Jonah Alexander, AKA 'Swindon'!

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