An Interview with Jonah Alexander, AKA 'Swindon'

Last week we interviewed the youngest of our gang, James 'Lolsa' Grogan! Today we focus our sights on Jonah Alexander who plays Billie's older brother, Swindon. So in the same orderly fashion...

Swindon in his gear.jpg

Hi Jonah! We're really enjoying watching you in character! You have your role down to an art...

What do you like most about Swindon?

His cool fashion sense!

And what do you dislike?

He constantly wears a coat which gets really hot (...could be because it's wool, Jonah) but it's worth it for the street cred!

How do you think you're similar to your character?

We look exactly the same!

What's been your favourite moment/scene of the shoot so far?

The wendy house scene, because I've always dreamt of owning one of my own.

If you could be like any actor, who would it be?

Benedict Cumberbatch...we look exactly the same as each other!

Who's your favourite member of the crew and why?

Harriet and Imogen (from the Costume dept) because they threatened to dress me in a tutu if I didn't pick them!!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A medical researcher/actor/next (slightly less attractive) Brian Cox.

How do you find working with the younger cast? Do you all get on despite the age difference?

I have grown rather proficient at ZONING OUT (...for the seniors amongst us, this simply means being oblivious or unaware) whenever James starts rambling - but YES, we all get on. In fact, I get on much better with Lorreta than my own sister!

Next week we'll be catching up with Loretta Walsh who plays Swindon's younger sister, Billie!

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