An interview with Loretta - aka Billie

In the next interview with "the gang" we talk to Loretta, who plays the fiesty Billie!


What do you like most about Billie?

She gets to stay up late and have adventures!

And what do you dislike?

On the flip side, she has to get up early - and so do I! :(

How do you think you're similar to your character?

Well we are the same age obviously and both have an older brother. But I think Billie is a bit weirder than I am too.

What's been your favourite moment/scene of the shoot so far?

The scene where we go to meet the park's mysterious hidden kid - but all will be revealed when you see it!

If you could be like any actor, who would it be?

Jennifer Lawrence

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An actress - but one who is still in charge of the swear jar

After the shoot, will you still be friends with the others in the gang?

Yep - already got their phone numbers!

Who's your favourite member of the crew and why?

Albert, Tim's pet rabbit who visited the set, as we have the same fashion sense!

rabbit suit.jpg

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