An Interview with Jonathan Brown ('JJ')... aka 'Shiv'

We may have wrapped this week but let's not forget our final interview with cool kid, Jonathan Brown...


So JJ, what do you like most about your character, Shiv?

He's a cool, laid back, tough guy!

And what do you dislike?

His family problems.

Can you see any similarities between you both?

We're both generally chilled out.

What's been your favourite moment/scene of the shoot so far?

The stake out!...You'll have to watch it for yourselves!

If you could be like any actor who would it be?

Bradley Cooper or Morgan Freeman. They're both great actors!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An Actor or a Lawyer

After the shoot, will you still be friends with the others in the gang?

Yeah definitely - we text eachother all the time!

Who's your favourite member of the crew and why?

Charlie, because I like to bug him!

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