2:hrs - a new film!

2 hours the movie

We at Nelson Nutmeg Pictures are getting behind another low budget children's film and supporting them. Not with a "well done old bean" kind of support. But with a cold hard cash way, the best way!

We've put in some money and we are spreading the word about "2:hrs". Why? Five reasons...

1 - the more children's films being made the better it is for us, as it makes us part of a trend

2 - we believe it could be a profitable venture and want to be a part of it

3 - if there's a low budget children's feature going on, we want to be part of it - to complement, not compete

4 - the people involved are great. Roland wrote Land Girls as well as for many children's TV series

5 - we think its a fun and interesting story. Here's the set up...

While on a school trip to London's iconic British Natural History Museum, Tim and his best mates discover the Vitalitron, a mysterious steampunk machine that can, according to its inventor, predict the day of anyone’s demise. Tim steps in and finds that his time is just two hours away.

Cool stuff. Have a look yourself on their IndieGoGo page and support if you can. There are links from there to other social media pages also.

That link again... http://igg.me/at/2hrsfilm/x

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