Merry Christmas from Nelson Nutmeg

Every year we make a seasonal short film. The challenge remains the same - make a fun little movie as a "Christmas card" using whatever is at hand. It is more original than a card that you will throw away after twelve days - and more fun to make too. So this year's film is...

A young girl sets out to capture Santa in order to "have a word" about this so-called naughty / nice list!

And it was filmed ALL IN ONE TAKE! Crackers!

So how did we pull it off? Well, we know kids are great actors and also are fantastic at learning lines. So we wanted to push that idea to its very limit with a four minute monologue. We went through a few drafts of the script, moving between more sentimental ideas and more crazy slapstick ones, finally ending up in between. We held auditions, with help of Pete and Nat, and met some awesome young actors. Izzy came out on top in terms of line-learning skills and her ideas for bringing in physical bits of business.

Now, where to film it? Luckily the crazy cats at Treehouse Digital (fresh from their hit kids short film Litterbugs) had a set kicking around in their studio. It needed a little adapting so Tom went off to the park and came back with half a bush we could put up in the set window - a bit of talc later and hey presto - its winter dudes.

Colin from Divercol had his tracking spare and didn't mind pushing a dolly up and down it a few dozen times. So it became clear we could do it all in a single moving take with a bit of practise. Shot on the Ursa mini with a 50mm Xeen lens with Radi operating and doing the lighting and big Chris on focus duties. Mark Wellman on sound who owed us a favour - or we owe him one, or something. First AD Steve was on hand as ever to keep us moving along.

There was a quick grade and music added to finish it off and there we are. We made this. All in 4K wonder - for your new tele!

Enjoy! Not bad for a day's work. And remember, we all made it as an excuse to wish you a Merry Christmas.


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